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Every astrologer knows that 
the time at which the sun is once again in the exact position it occupied at the time of your birth is the most important date of the year for an individual is the day of their annual Solar Return. 

Individual life and destiny are affected by three primary cosmic rhythms.   
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Solar Return Astrology

The precise time of one’s solar return is a sacred annual event for each person. It only happens at one specific moment each year. At that moment — and only that moment — that the Earth/Sun relationship is exactly the as it was when you were born. This is used as the basis for a horoscope detailing the astrological factors in effect for a one-year cycle starting from the date of the solar return.

The report writer creates interpretations based on an individual’s solar return chart; it indicates specific themes which will be influential and have an impact during the particular year you are viewing. The second part of the program forecasts significant dates for the year in question. The research used is based on the innovative prediction methods outlined in Merriman’s book. This program is the only giving this level of detail in its listing and interpretation of the 80 annual dates involving progressed solar return.

Spirit Astrology Solar Return Report Writer is, in addition, the only program interpreting six week time bands of the progressed solar return Moon to the planetary positions. Also solstice points of the individual’s natal and solar return planets and angles. You will receive a thorough report on what to expect in the upcoming year — and exactly when.