Lovers Compatibility Relationship


Friends & Lovers Chart


A Friends & Lovers Chart is the blending of two astrology horoscope (natal) charts into one new chart. This physical/mathematical chart combination takes on a life of its own which may be quite different from that of the two individuals from which it has sprung.

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Lovers Compatibility Relationship

Lovers Compatibility Relationship considers both the strengths and the problems most relationships tend to sustain for themselves at an unconscious level and are thus, it is often difficult to control or change. The lovers compatibility and relationship chart becomes a matchless tool for throwing light on the workings of the relationship and opening it to conscious development and growth. It is probably the first thing both partners should look at when establishing their relationship.

They should continually refer to it as time goes by during which they will become much more in control of how the relationship develops and will be less likely to be carried away by circumstances outside of their understanding. Get your horoscope friends & lovers chart today.